Dr. Mercedes E. Erazo, Associate

mezaro2Dr. Erazo received her M.Sc in Animal Production from Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon in 1987 and her Doctor in Veterinary Medicine in Monterrey, Mexico. Dr. Erazo received Food Safety Regulatory trainee Programs from FSIS for Meat and Poultry Inspection for International Government Officers; has experience for 10 years in Food Safety Systems:

Inspection Procedures, Residue and Pathogen Control Programs, Equivalence of the Inspection System with USDA Regulations, Trainings, Audits and Development of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Systems, Sanitation Standards Operations Procedures (SSOP), Standards Operations Procedures (SOP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and recently Implementing SQF 2OOO Systems. Dr. Erazo has worked with all type of processing plants (FDA, FSIS) with Private Companies and with Governments.

Dr Erazo work Bilingual (Spanish/ English). She was working in the United States and in Latin American and Caribbean countries. In Dominican Republic wrote the National Program for the Control of Pathogens, the National Program of Residues, the Inspection Procedures on Meat and Meat Products, the Regulations before approval for Sea Food Products, for Milk and Dairy Products, for Poultry and Poultry Products, and for Meat and Meat Products, from 2008-2010.

With Honduras, C.A. worked for 6 years. As former Chief of the Food Safety Division (DIA), managed activities of the Inspection Service for all type of processing plants, evaluating and certifying establishments for import or export to USA, European Economic Community, Mexico, CA and Panama. Prior to DIA she was Coordinator of Poultry Health Program, many times representing Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock in Regional and International Animal Health Meetings during CAFTA, WTO (Switzerland), Poultry Technical Commission for CA, RIMSA (Pan-American Health Organization); and formerly responsible for the Animal Health Veterinary Medicine Research Laboratory and was President of the Board of Veterinary Medicine – 2001/2002 Honduras, CA.