SQF Edition 9.0 Update Seminar


An Implementing SQF Systems Course can be extremely helpful but perhaps you don’t need a full course if your life as a Practitioner has already taught you many lessons. Perhaps you did well on previous audits and are confident in your current system and what you want is a good, solid, time-efficient update: not just another SQF Edition 9.0 Update.

Anyone can go through the code to find changes. It takes a talented and experienced consultant to know what to do next. We believe we offer the greatest value for your time in this seminar.

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The HCG Not Just Another SQF Edition 9 Seminar will not discuss numbering changes, consolidation efforts, new graphics, or the “look and feel” of the code. We will not discuss the history of the code or how we got here. Rather, we will focus on what you really need to know and do to attain or retain compliance in a practical efficient manner. We will include examples of how to comply with some of the new requirements such as implementing a culture program, ensuring adequate sampling and proficiency in testing.

Join us for this important update.

Course Dates & Location

March 19, Virtual