Video: Fundamental Factors for Social Responsibility (F2SR)

New Ethical Standard on track for ISO 17021 and ISO 17065 Accreditation

The Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI), a division of Food Marketing Institute (FMI) has spent
numerous years working on an ethical standard in order to provide the marketplace with an
affordable option to demonstrate their commitment to social, sustainable and ethical practices.
In 2019, SQFI finalized and released the Fundamental Factors for Social Responsibility (F2SR).
This standard focuses on social and occupational health & safety management of the
organization. Today’s consumers have an interest in knowing that companies they purchase
from, do business with or work for, are operating in socially and ethically accepted ways.
Certification to an Ethical standard is a great way to demonstrate this commitment!
Why F2SR? What makes this standard different?

This program is different in that it will be accredited to both ISO 17021 and ISO 17065.
Accreditation is the value that demonstrates checks and balances in the certification processes.
An accredited ethical program can give your consumers’ confidence that you walk the talk in
regards to your commitment to social and sustainable practices. To learn more, complete the form below to receive the link to a 45-minute video overview of the standard.

Social, Sustainable and Ethical practices are the demand of the future. Be an early adopter of
accredited Ethical Certification and capitalize on the marketing potential of demonstrating your
commitment to eager consumers.

Video: Fundamental Factors for Social Responsibility (F2SR)

Interested in ethical sourcing? Need to know how to ensure your suppliers follow appropriate practices regarding employee welfare and Occupational Health and Safety? Learn more in this free overview of the Fundamental Factors for Social Responsibility. Complete this form and a link will appear for the free video.