What HCG Clients are Saying

We never suggest choosing a consultant or trainer without first understanding something about them and their organization.  HCG stands on the firm foundation of over 20 years in this industry.  Here’s what a few of our clients have said about our work.


“Bob is very knowledgeable and informative. His experience in the food safety industry shows through in his instruction. It was a pleasure to work with and learn from him!” -Participant, Hudson Hemp – August 2019

“On behalf of Water Lilies Food, I want to thank you for your time in conducting the onsite HACCP training…we got good feedback from the employees about the training contents and your method of delivery. It was excellent!  The employees liked how you engaged them…allowed them to do the thinking and challenged them…in addition, you broke down the contents to the bare minimum.  This is our first onsite HACCP training and you have helped us to believe that we can do more trainings like this.  All the employees enjoyed the time and appreciate your effort. They were all smiles coming out of the training room.  We will also like to extend our appreciation to the HACCP consulting group. You truly have the best group of consultants working for you and we are very happy to have contracted this training with your group.  We are all looking forward to the 2nd session…” – Ibrahim Musa, Water Lilies Food – July, 2019

“Thank you very much for the terrific job you did in the PCQI class in Dayton. For knowledge of material and presentation ability, you are a 10!” – Participant – May, 2019

“To be totally honest, I wasn’t too excited about attending, but I think you did an amazing job with class and I would definitely attend again with no hesitations. It was a great mix of lecture and hands on activity which helped keep everyone’s attention on the lesson. Even though I was familiar with the material I still feel like I learned a lot.” – Shannon Tuso, John B. Ordille, Inc – April, 2019

Regarding a recent FSIS HACCP course:
“Learned a lot more than expected.”
“He (the instructor) was extremely knowledgeable.”
“Enjoyed learning more about why we do things.” – March, 2019

“Bob (Savage) has been great to work with. His insight and thought evoking nature challenged my way of thinking and ultimately led us to a better overall food safety plan. It was a pleasure working with him, as it is with everyone I have come across having worked directly with Cathy, Charlie, and Bob. I look forward to continuing to work with you all as we progress on our plant.” – Pineland Natural Meats – February, 2019

“We had a private course at our restaurant group location with our employees and employees from another bakery in town in attendance. Our instructor, Charlie, was super thorough and used examples specific to our processes. This helped make the content relevant to our business. We are building a commissary location and our goal is to implement these procedures from the beginning. Charlie took this into account when explaining the concepts.” – January, 2019

“…I need to share the good impact that my consulting business has had due to the extrapolation of your teaching in your recent University of Arkansas Advanced HACCP course. You have made this 2018 to have a happy ending and the outlook for 2019 and beyond is matchless regarding HACCP work among my customers.” – Maurice Filderouss – December, 2018

The speaker was very knowledgeable in all areas in which he taught. The real life stories that related to the lesson really helped me understand the lecture and gave me a better viewpoint.” – Cooper Farms – August, 2018

The teamwork kept things fresh, and the real life stories kept the workshop relatable and applicable.” – Maple Leaf Farms – June, 2018

Regarding the HCG 3-day HACCP and Preventive Controls Course:
“A great course in a perfect format: 3 days to cover 2 courses was definitely the best way to optimize our time!”
“We had a wonderful instructor who did a great job at training our entire team with HACCP and PCQI.”
She went straight to the important points and kept us focused with her energy, knowledge and humor!”
The most valuable part was being able to use examples from our company and draw comparisons with process described in training exercises.
“Demonstrate and prove to our team that each member can bring and add to the HACCP Plan.”  – Mill Press Imports – April, 2018

Recent participants of an FSIS HACCP course with Bob Galbraith had this to say: “Best class/workshop I’ve had in post-college working world…kept it interesting, informative, and on topic.” -anonymous

Bob trained and encouraged. He was positive in his presentation and made the training interesting.” – Rob Reynolds, Warehouse Supervisor, Rembrandt Enterprises, Inc. – July, 2017

“You were both great and engaging and I would have never guessed you’d have kept me awake for 20 hours with 12+ hours of commuting in between.  But, you did. That was a boatload of information in a short period of time and you managed it magnificently. You guys were great.  Thank you for making the PC class a very pleasant experience.” – Bob – July 28, 2017