• PCQI Training

    HCG helps companies comply with commercial and regulatory requirements. This includes providing FDA Food Safety Preventive Controls Training. Our lead instructors explain this part of FSMA and offer practical advice

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  • Food Safety Programs

    HCG is available to assist food establishments to develop and implement food safety programs or review the adequacy of existing food safety systems for compliance with regulatory authorities or global food safety standards. Food safety programs include HACCP Plans, SSOP systems, GMPs Pathogen Control Programs and Food Defense Programs.

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  • GFSI Certification

    Developing a SQF system to meet Global Food Safety Standards (GFSS) can enhance your existing systems, open up new market opportunities and complement your Food Safety Program to meet the requirements of your customers or simply improve your overall operations. With many retail customers establishing time lines for compliance to GFSS, it is important to your company to make sure that company personnel have all of tools available to make this a successful

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  • International Services

    HCG assists both government inspection agencies and business establishments achieve and/or maintain eligibility to export food products to the United States by providing a complete range of services to meet all U.S. requirements. These services include assistance with inspection laws and regulations, inspection laws and regulation consultations, government staffing recommendations and personnel training, and guidance on adopting Codex Food Safety …

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Welcome to HACCP Consulting Group's site! Here you will find information about HCG, a company built on extensive scientific, industry, and regulatory experience with the simple goal of helping you ensure food safety through good times and challenging times such as the current pandemic.

HCG stands ready as your trusted resource for assistance with systems that meet regulatory and customer expectations while navigating the new expectations aimed toward minimizing the impacts of COVID-19.

We may not be able to travel to you at this time, but we can still provide valuable assistance with projects that will help ensure your business makes it through this event and is staged and ready for the future.
We can assist with:

  • HACCP and Food Safety Plan Development or reassessment
  • Foreign Supplier Verification Plan Assistance
  • GFSI (SQF or BRC) or other third-party audit preparation
  • Preparation for regulatory visits
  • Responses to regulatory concerns such as an FDA Form 483, FDA Warning Letter, FSIS Record of Noncompliance or FSIS Notice of Intended Enforcement
  • Support during a recall or product withdrawal event
  • Environmental Monitoring Program Design
  • Environmental pathogen investigations
  • Employee training

For over 25 years, HCG has been helping clients and countries improve food safety and reduce risk. HCG training and consulting builds confidence that food safety management systems will meet global, regulatory, and customer expectations. We put our extensive knowledge and experience into action through insightful and practical solutions for client success. Our name is trusted. We hope you find what you need on our site and allow us to be your partner in improving food safety. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,
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Anniversary Comments
"Congratulations guys. You have really made a difference. I recall when Bob came to my office over 25 years ago to talk about retiring from FSIS and going down the 'consulting' path. You all have had a tremendous impact." -Russell Cross, Texas A&M

"Great group of people here, hard working and dedicated to helping companies with training, certifications. Highly recommend." -John Moniz, Edelweiss Patisserie

"I'd like to share some memories of my experience work with HACCP Consulting Group. When my wife and I first signed on with HACCP Consulting and met Robert Lopez, he made a lot of overzealous statements and promises that he would always be available for us reach each and every day we need him and that he would be there for us ever step of the way not only as a consultant but as a friend who truly cares. We were naturally suspicious at first but after working with him for half a year now, I can truly say that everything he has promised was an understatement of what he has truly committed to doing and working towards for us to become successful. He has never failed to be available and has never failed to deliver on any of his promises to say the least. He takes on our struggles as if it were his own, and he wears a proud smile each time we take a step forward towards our goal. To work with Robert, is to work with someone who genuinely cares about his business partners and strives for their success. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone like that in this industry." -Quan Mai, Chicken Hero Kho Ga

"During my ten years with our consulting group, I’ve had wonderful opportunity to do consulting work throughout the world. While conducting in-plant reviews and training classes in numerous countries, I was always impressed how friendly the folks were that I met and how serious they were about learning sound food safety practices to prevent foodborne illness in the citizens of their country." -Dan Lafontaine, HCG

"Having been with HCG for 23 years I cannot be prouder of the accomplishments everyone in the group has achieved to provide professional and scientifically based food safety consulting services both within the United States and around the world. From its inception in 1994, the founder, Lou Gast, had the vision and saw the need to assist the food industry with food safety training and assistance with developing and implementing food safety systems. In the early days of HCG, with the hard work of Lou, Dr. Joe Blair, Mickey McEvers, John Miller and Bob Galbraith, HCG has continued to grow under the excellent leadership of President, Cathy Crawford. Over the years I also cannot forget the help and support provided by Rosemary Mucklow, Executive President of the former National Meal Association." -Bob Savage, HCG

"I joined HCG in 2002 and although the miles were extensive, the fun I had watching companies improve and making friends, was worth it all. I have had the chance to work with great clients who believed with passion in food safety. We are such a gifted group to be able to do what we do." -Bob Galbraith, HCG
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