Our Services

FSIS Regulatory Compliance

HACCP Systems, obtaining Grants of Inspection, GMP Compliance, Food Safety Assessments, Noncompliance Reports, Notices of Intended Enforcement, Suspension Letters and international equivalence.

FDA Regulatory Compliance

Facility Registration, FSMA Support (Human and Animal Preventive Controls), HACCP Plans, Foreign Supplier Verification, GMP Compliance, Form 483, Warning Letter or Suspension Responses.


Safe Quality Food

SQF Code Compliance, audit preparedness (announced and unannounced) program development, practice audits, gap assessments, internal audit support, and corrective actions and continuous improvement.

Program Review and Development

Written program assessments with tailored recommendations for creation or further development of practical SOPs, GMPs, and SSOPs, implementation assistance, and food safety culture support.

Facility Food Safety Reviews

On-site assessments: environmental, building, equipment, and operational practices (GMPS and sanitation), pathogen risks; compliance checks or due diligence for acquisition or insurance.

International Services

U.S. import eligibility for FSIS products, Foreign Supplier Verification Program Compliance for FDA regulated foods, government inspection and industry personnel training.

Pathogen Control

Environmental Monitoring Programs, sampling plans, sanitation and equipment design, harborage identification, risk mitigation for Listeria, Salmonella, STECs or other pathogens of public health concern.

Legal, Business, and Emergency Assistance

Expert witness and subject matter experts, regulatory dispute resolution, recall and crisis program development and incident management.

Food Defense

On or off-site Intentional Adulteration Vulnerability Assessments, mitigation strategies, written program development, employee training and system testing.

She seemed to become one of us with just as much riding on the results of our audit. I highly recommend Cathy for any company facing obstacles to becoming GFSI certified.

Jonathan Sprouts

HCG played a crucial role in assisting Joinn Biologics and Good Meat, Inc. to meet FDA and USDA/FSIS requirements for their cell-cultured chicken products, ultimately leading to the approval of their USDA Grants of Inspection. It has been a great pleasure to work towards ensuring the safety and success of these innovative food products.

W. Lynn Hodges, Vice President, HACCP Consulting Group, LLC

I've had the pleasure of working with GoOats, and I'm thrilled to congratulate them on their recent excellent score on an SQF Audit. Their implementation of industry best practices and commitment to food safety and quality were key to this achievement.

Cathy Crawford, President, HACCP Consulting Group, LLC

HACCP Consulting Group, LLC