John Miller


John has more than 30 years of experience in the Slaughter, Food Processing and Regulatory arena

John is an Associate of the HACCP Consulting Group L.L.C. He has more than 30 years of experience in the Slaughter, Food Processing and Regulatory arena. Joining HCG in 2002 he has been involved with a diverse range of projects, both in the United States and Internationally, developing and providing HACCP and SSOP training to industry personnel and foreign government representatives. In addition, John has assisted processors and government officials that export meat and poultry products to the U. S. in developing programs to meet U. S. regulatory requirements. He has also accompanied U. S. Foreign Program Review personnel when they review plant programs to assist the processors in understanding and interpreting requirements during the review process.

Prior to joining HCG John was a management official with the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service Headquarter’s staff in Washington D.C., serving as the Deputy Director of the Office of Public Health & Science’s Recall Management Division. As Deputy Director, John was responsible for management of the Staff Recall activities and coordination of field epidemiology efforts with the recall staff, industry officials, and FSIS enforcement personnel at Headquarters, State Health Officials, and Foreign government officials.

Prior to the Office of Public Health & Science position, John served as a Compliance Staff Officer for over two years with the FSIS District Enforcement Operations staff at Headquarters. In this position, he coordinated Enforcement activities at Headquarters with the 18 FSIS District Offices throughout the United States and U. S, territories as well as other government agencies.

From 1992 until 1997, John served as a staff officer with the FSIS Headquarter’s Processing Operations staff at Washington D. C. As a staff officer, John worked closely with FSIS personnel at the Regional and Field level to resolve technical issues involving processing of meat and poultry products as well as problems associated with plant facility and equipment design and sanitation issues. He developed and coordinated the agency’s Enforcement Program for the Administrator with the FSIS Regional Directors.

From 1987 until joining the Processing Operations Staff, John was a Circuit Supervisor with FSIS. In this capacity, he was responsible for reviewing meat and poultry processing plants to ensure compliance with FSIS regulations and policies concerning facility construction, blueprints, and sanitation. In addition, he was responsible for the supervision of FSIS Inspectors at the in plant level, ensuring that they were properly trained in FSIS regulations and policies related to meat and poultry inspection, and that they were knowledgeable of the plant operations that they were assigned to. He traveled throughout the North Central Region conducting FSIS’s “Train the Trainer” program in the Performance Based Inspection System for regional supervisors and staff.

He received Food Technology training through Kansas State University. John has attended various FSIS training programs including Supervisory courses at Texas A&M University, the Management Academy at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Canning Training, HACCP training and the Criminal Justice Center training, provided by Sam Houston State University in Houston, Texas. He attended Better Process training at North Carolina State University. Most recently, John has received training in the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Codes and the requirements for meeting the codes.

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