Available Training

Click on the links below for more information and to register. Contact us at info@haccpcg.com for more information or to request training dates. Printable flyers regarding HCG Training are available in English and Espanol.

Upcoming Events


June 10-11, Virtual

July 13-16, Virtual

July 21-22, Virtual

August 26-27, Spanish Virtual

Basic HACCP for FSIS Establishments

June 15-18, Virtual

Certified Professional Food Manager (CPFM) Course and Exam

June 17, Virtual

July 8, Spanish Virtual

August 12, Virtual

September 16, Spanish Virtual

October 7, Virtual

November 4, Spanish Virtual

Advanced HACCP

email info@haccpcg.com for upcoming events

FSPCA Preventive Controls + HACCP

June 23-25, Virtual

August 17-19, Virtual

FSPCA Preventive Controls for Animal Food – PCQI

email info@haccpcg.com for upcoming events

FSPCA Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP)

email info@haccpcg.com for upcoming events

Food Safety Systems Internal Auditing
email info@haccpcg.com for upcoming events

Implementing SQF Systems

July 20-23, Virtual

September 21-24, Virtual

SQF Edition 9.0 Update Seminar

email info@haccpcg.com for upcoming events

Participant Cancellation Policy: If a participant cancels 21 or more days prior to an event, a full refund (minus non-refundable handling fee) will be provided regardless of the reason for cancellation. If a participant cancels 15-20 days prior, a cancellation fee of $150 will be retained by HCG and the remaining funds returned. If a participant cancels 14 days or less before the event, the total amount is non-refundable.

Event Cancellation Policy: If HCG must cancel an event (e.g. due to weather, illness, or unexpected trainer unavailability) this decision may be made up to 21 days before the event. Registrants are encouraged to communicate with HCG pending course confirmation and will be fully reimbursed for all registration fees should HCG cancel. Registrants will receive course confirmation 14-20 days in advance of the event. HCG is not responsible for any other expenses of participants (e.g. travel reservations).

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