Pathogen Control

HCG is capable of delivering several services to aid companies in their pathogen reduction efforts. In addition to working with companies to resolve their FSIS or FDA enforcement corrective actions, we can provide the following assistance:

Listeria Control
  • Conduct comprehensive assessments of facilities to find harborages
  • Suggest appropriate actions to eliminate the harborage
  • Prepare long term programs to maintain the control of the pathogen in the environment
  • Revise Listeria monitoring programs; and, train all employees on the control of this pathogen
  • Work with the engineering functions of a plant to provide advice on facility and equipment design to improve sanitation and flow of materials and personnel.
  • Partner with microbiology laboratories to resolve Listeria environmental problems.
  • Provide assistance in the work with laboratories and provide aid in validation for the plant programs.
  • Assess plant interventions for effectiveness, suggest improvements of the existing interventions, and improve plant programs, tailored to a company’s needs.
  • Improve plant validations, review documentation of prerequisite programs, and suggest improvements in internal testing programs.
  • Review plant programs for opportunities in the prevention of cross contamination and the separation of raw and cooked processes, incorporating improvements in facilities, equipment design and personnel practices and hygiene
E. coli O157:H7/ STECs
  • Assess plant interventions for effectiveness, suggest improvements of the interventions, and improvement of plant programs.
  • Work to improve plant validations, review documentation of the prerequisite programs, and suggest improvements in the internal testing programs.

HCG has experts that have extensive experience in a wide variety of other pathogens and processes and would be pleased to provide further information and detailed agendas on how we can help you improve your food safety and regulatory positions.

Printable flyers regarding Listeria Control services are available in English and Espanol.

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