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    Labeling errors are a common cause for product recalls due to misbranding. HCG will work with your business to help ensure your labels are accurate and in compliance with regulations.

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    Food Safety Programs

    HCG is available to assist food establishments to develop and implement food safety programs or review the adequacy of existing food safety systems for compliance with regulatory authorities or global food safety standards. Food safety programs include HACCP Plans, SSOP systems, GMPs Pathogen Control Programs and Food Defense Programs.

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    GFSI Certification

    Developing a SQF system to meet Global Food Safety Standards (GFSS) can enhance your existing systems, open up new market opportunities and complement your Food Safety Program to meet the requirements of your customers or simply improve your overall operations. With many retail customers establishing time lines for compliance to GFSS, it is important to your company to make sure that company personnel have all of tools available to make this a successful

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    HCG professionals have conducted well over 3000 food safety training courses for the United States food industry and have provided the same training programs in over 45 countries for both regulatory agencies and the food industry exporting products to the United States. During the course of this training, the HCG professionals have come to understand that an adequately trained workforce is a company’s best line of defense the shipment of unsafe product.

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    International Services

    HCG assists both government inspection agencies and business establishments achieve and/or maintain eligibility to export food products to the United States by providing a complete range of services to meet all U.S. requirements. These services include assistance with inspection laws and regulations, inspection laws and regulation consultations, government staffing recommendations and personnel training, and guidance on adopting Codex Food Safety …

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    Regulatory Inspection Services

    HCG Professionals have a long (20 year) distinguished history of providing sound regulatory assistance to FDA and FSIS inspected food establishments across a wide variety of products. Whether it is an FSIS inspector conducting a Food Safety Assessment (FSA) or FDA enforcing the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations, HCG can help plants navigate through the complex regulatory requirements and maintain, or regain compliance with applicable food …

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For over 20 years, the HACCP Consulting Group (HCG) has been helping clients and countries improve food safety and reduce risk. HCG training and consulting builds confidence that food safety management systems will meet global, regulatory, and customer expectations. We put our extensive knowledge and experience into action through insightful and practical solutions for client success. Our name is trusted. We hope you find what you need on our site and allow us to be your partner in improving food safety. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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